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I'm a backend focused full-stack engineer who loves creating things and leading others.

For the past few years, I've been programming to build businesses, educate, and solve interesting or fun problems. I've also slowed down quite a fair bit.

Software & problem-solving

Since I was a kid, I've enjoyed solving problems. Exploring, finding clues, putting the pieces together, solving problems.

To dissect, analyse and understand the problem at hand sparks my intellectual interest, and after the problem is solved, gives me satisfaction and peace of mind.

Developing software is about solving problems. The problems might be simple or complex, small or big, narrow or wide. But still, you're solving problems.

And that's what's so rewarding about programming, and the reason I find myself coding a lot in my spare time year after year. Coding in solitude and solving problems is time well spent for me.

I'm language agnostic, but primarily develop using Python, Golang and Typescript.

Language agnostic

Programming languages are tools to solve problems. The language itself is not the problem, the problem is.

Quite often do I see companies, recruiters and even developers focusing extensively on the programming language rather than the problem. To me, that's a bit awkward.

A software developer should use the right tool for the problem, not use the same tool for each problem.

Some languages shine in the speed of development, some languages are great for building type-safe and complex systems, and some languages have superior multi-core concurrency support.

You choose the right tool for the job.

Ultimately, most programming languages within the same paradigm are cousins. Moving from one to another might take a little time, but you'll get the hang of it quite fast. The concepts are the same.

I find myself moving between differents tools (programming languages) for different kind of problems. Sometimes that requires me to learn a new language, and that's fine. I might move slower initially, but after some time the problem is most often never the programming language, but the problem I'm solving.


From time to time I develop some projects that spark my interest, most of them for personal use. Here are some of them:


Stack: Swift (MacOS)
Status: Live

Mac app developed for personal use to display the week number in the status bar.


Stack: Django / React Native
Status: Discontinued

Fishing app developed for personal use to analyse my fishing catches to identify where to fish at what time.

Thirty Day Rule

Stack: Django / React Native
Status: Discontinued

App that helps people to purchase less unnecessary stuff.

Corona Health Information

Stack: Go
Status: Discontinued
News article: mitti.se

Simple chatbot that could be pinged to retrieve information about the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


Stack: Django / React Native
Status: Discontinued

App that enabled you to meet with friends more spontaneously.


Mobile Object Detection using TensorFlow Lite and Transfer Learning

Implemented machine learning-based single-shot multiobject detection algorithms on mobile devices improving classification performance (enhanced recognition of spatial relationships) compared to the existing algorithm used by a large client.

Evaluation of expert knowledge in LSTM - Win Probability Prediction of Dota 2

Investigated performance difference when using generic data representation in comparison to hand-crafted features from expert knowledge when using Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network (LSTM) to predict the winner of Defense of the Ancients 2 matches.

Speaker-Independent Phoneme Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks on Varying Context Input Window Lengths

Investigated the performance of Convolutional Neural Networks using Context Input Windows of varying size and their performance versus HMM-GMM models.

Peer-to-peer marketplace price recommendations

Explored the possibility to use the Elasticstack for Information Retrieval and Data Visualization to query the system for price information and statistics, with the help of predictive Machine Learning algorithms.

Online Dating Automation using Face Classification and CNNs

Investigated how Convolutional Neural Networks could be used to learn facial features and used as a binary classifier for swiping on Tinder.

Stock Market Prediction using Social Media Analysis

Investigated the possibility to utilize sentiment analysis as a predictor for stock price movements using Deep Neural Networks.

Speaking engagements

I actively do speaking engagements and workshops on the following topics:

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  • 🥇 Won Leader of the Year amongst Swedish students by 4potentials in 2018.
  • 🏅 Ranked #10 Top Future Leader of Sweden by 4potentials in 2018.
  • 🏅 Ranked #37 Top Future Leader of Sweden by 4potentials in 2017.
  • 🥋 BJJ Purple Belt