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I'm a backend focused full-stack engineer who loves creating things and leading others.

For the past few years, I've been using my interest in programming to build businesses, educate, and solve interesting or fun problems. I've also slowed down quite a fair bit.

Building things

Since early 2018, I've been running the technology & information department at Hem Design Studio. It's been great fun.

What started as me being a sole developer coding on a Ruby on Rails monolith is now a team of 7 developers writing microservices in Python and Go and coding front-end applications using React and Gatsby.

I've always been coding a lot in my spare time. I still love to.

Currently, I'm spending most of my time tinkering with Python, Django, FastAPI and React.

Coding in solitude is time well spent to me.

Speaking engagements

I actively do speaking engagements and workshops on the following topics:

If you're interested in booking me, please reach out.


A non-exhaustive list of people whom I'm fond of.


  • 🥇 Won Leader of the Year amongst Swedish students by 4potentials in 2018.
  • 🏅 Ranked #10 Top Future Leader of Sweden by 4potentials in 2018.
  • 🥋 BJJ Purple Belt