What I’m doing now

Last update: 2020-11-23

We bought a house

As often as I can I get out in the woods with my partner and our dog. There's an indescribable peace to being surrounded by vast forests and streams of water. Being in nature gives me strength and allows my mind to clear.

However, there's a certain irony to escaping the place you live at the first chance to become more peaceful. So we bought a house in the forest. It's great. We spend a few days every week at the house, fixing stuff, walking in the forest and fishing in the lake.


After running the technology & information department at Hem Design Studio for two and a half years, I decided that it was time to move on to new interesting challenges. I left my position as Director of Technology & Information at Hem during the summer and have been freelancing since.

I'm currently working as a tech lead, backend developer & API advisor.

If you're interested in working with together, please contact me.


During the spring I've been doing a lot of time studying and reading on topics varying from mathematics to sleep. I've always enjoyed learning new things, and I'm currently in a position in life where I have more time on my hands and use that time to explore new topics, or dive deeper into topics of my interest.

Simplifying life

If life is an onion, what I've been doing up until some time ago is to add layers to my life. More complexity. More things. More responsibility. More fame.

Now I'm peeling those layers off one by one.

Making my life less complex.