Why I Launched My Own Jewellery Business

This is the story behind my jewellery brand Northern Stones, and how it evolved during the past years. Enjoy!

I’ve always had a strong interest in design, accessories and general fashion – the sense of minimalistic design and seamless outfits simply tickles my artistic nerve. Style has always been one of my key characteristics, and something that I’ve spent numerous hours on understanding, and continuously invest time in, to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of fashion.

I love it, and somewhere deep inside of me I always knew that I would create my own brand in the future.

After working in the modelling industry for some years, I was quite frustrated with the fact that all jewellery for men where either incredibly (!!) expensive, or at a cheap price with horrible quality. The gap in between simply didn’t exist. As a student, it simply wasn’t reasonable to purchase high-end jewellery, and as a vivid fashion enthusiast, there was chance on earth I would purchase cheap jewellery with low quality.

Then it struck me – I had to design my own jewellery in order to fill the gap that I’m currently experiencing. I had to create my own accessories.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, so I did. I gathered all the information I could find about jewellery crafting (because what the hell, I’ve been programming my entire life), and contacted wholesale vendors all over the world that could provide me with the parts that I needed in order to craft the bracelets of my designer dreams.

Weeks based by, and I learnt things that I would never have guessed that I would ever learn. Not only did I have to increase my understanding about jewellery craftsmanship, but I also had to dive deep into the world of tax regulations when importing and exporting various gems and metals. It was a jungle, but I had the mental tools required to sort it out (after failing many, many, times).

In January 2015, I crafted my first bracelets, launched my e-commerce website, and shipped my first bracelets to boutiques in Stockholm. It was great fun. Honestly it was epic fun – because what the shit, people were carrying my accessories all over the world on an every-day basis – how awesome isn’t that?

For a couple weeks, orders kept coming in, and people were enjoying my bracelets.

Then, some of them started to break. Fuck. No good. Actually, no good at all, since all of them were created the same (and I would know, because I crafted them with my own hands). Back to the drawing board.

It turned out that the material I was using were using weren’t good for bracelets, as they wouldn’t hold under tension when soaked (Google simply isn’t the most reliable source of information at all times). I had to recall a lot of bracelets, and re-iterate my ideas. It sucked.

But looking back at it, it taught me the incredible importance of quality, and the importance of finding information from reliable sources, from people who know what they’re talking about. I had to start from scratch, and redefine my ideas.

Then, life took over, and my focused shifted from jewellery to IT consulting – a focus that persisted for two years. But my earlier jewellery ventures were always lurking in my subconscious. I simply couldn’t let it go. I had to get back to it. Why? I love it. I simply love accessories, and I have an urge inside of me to offer the world the accessories that it needs. Minimalistic. Reasonably priced. Designed with care.

In August 2017, I re-launched my business. This time, I wouldn’t create the jewellery by hand (and truth to be told, it was a quite tedious thing to do!), but make use of manufacturers that would produce my jewellery for me. Manufacturers that product my jewellery with great quality and precision. This time, my focus would be on design, marketing and innovation. I would collect the most appealing bracelets from all around the world, and offer them to people collected at one place – Northern Stones.

Today, I have a running business and sell bracelets all around the world. They have great quality, and they look awesome, and people love them.

It’s epic.

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