Feeling At Peace In Your Home

All my previous posts have been on the subject of feeling at peace with yourself, and various topics on self-improvement. I’ve never really touched upon the subject of feeling at peace in your own home, the place where you go to sleep and wake up most days.

Isn’t it quite important that you feel at peace in your own home? I find it important having my own haven, where I can wake up and go to sleep in a good mood. Regardless of my emotional experiences for that particular day, I know that I can find myself at peace in my own home. Find inspiration and energy to perform at my top for the day to come.

For me, this is quite a change from a few years back. I’ve always enjoyed interior design, but never the kind of interior design that makes you feel at home, but rather the kind of interior design you would see at a hotel. I’ve thought of home as a place where you do nothing but sleep, where not much time and energy has to be put, as I’m not home that often. But lately, I’ve found myself enjoying homes with feelings of care and love.

As soon as I enter this kind of home, I can feel my emotional state and my will to express myself rise. In a home with no life, no soul, there is only vertical thoughts – I find it impossible to expand my thinking cross various realms and ideas. My thoughts are limited. I simply don’t use the full capacity of the brain.

Plants, lights, flowers, art, fragrances. I’ve found these to be fundamentals in highering my presence with the room I’m in. As soon as I’m present with my environment, thoughts float clearly throughout my mind.

Entering the state of flow is only possible through intense focus on the present moment. Increase your sense of presence in your home, and increase the likelihood of entering the state of flow.

There is beauty in total presence and focus on one single task within the walls of what you call home.

Find beauty in your everyday environment before chasing it all over the world.

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