Two days of fasting

Inspired by Ludvig Sunströms post on two-day fasting and the numerous research papers on how fasting improves cell regeneration, and how it is highly beneficial for the human digestion system, I decided to try it out. Having had experience of intermittent fasting for some years (Martin Berkhan), this particular undertaking feels like an natural extension to […]

The confused search of purpose

As the former ethical structures inherited from the religiously permeated society of the past slowly dissolves and perishes, confusion arises in the mind of the modern man. The ethical guidelines, the purpose of a life dictated by sacred purity and the recurrent meetings and gatherings for prayer served a greater purpose than what is easily […]

The Paradox of Time

As a child, I constantly thought about time travel. At times, it consumed my mind for days on end. Being glued to computer games, this wouldn’t come as a surprise – I was exposed to the concept of travel in spacetime regularly. I questioned the fact that we, the superior human race, had not come up with […]