Two days of fasting

Inspired by Ludvig Sunströms post on two-day fasting and the numerous research papers on how fasting improves cell regeneration, and how it is highly beneficial for the human digestion system, I decided to try it out. Having had experience of intermittent fasting for some years (Martin Berkhan), this particular undertaking feels like a natural extension to […]

Prejudice is shit

During the past week I’ve been in many discussions on the topic of prejudice. Prejudice is shit. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees – fuck them. If you find yourself trapped in thoughts of prejudice, please do the world (and yourself) a favour and get rid of them as soon as possible. To boost your process, here’s […]

The Energy Strikes Back

People’s loss of energy has been always been a somewhat distant phenomenon for me. I’ve interpreted it as nothing but the lack of willpower and proper motives. Why would you not have energy pursuing something of your genuine interest? Bullocks. I’ve always been full of energy. Not the full of energy also knows as always sunshine and […]

Why Meditation Sucks (And Why You Should Do It)

Let me clarify before going any further – what actually sucks is the general perception and bias towards meditation. Meditation is not the one solution to all your problems. Though, meditation is a great tool to overcome certain limitation and boundaries in order to push you in the right direction, fact is, meditation is awesome. From […]