Go All The Way

From early years, I’ve had a hate-love relationship to mathematics. Everything I’ve been interested in have revolved around mathematics, but my confidence in mathematics have varied much in degree. The abstractness of mathematics in comparison to most other things in life. The general perception that mathematics is in fact, incredibly challenging. The one subject that in broad terms divide […]

Prejudice is shit

During the past week I’ve been in many discussions on the topic of prejudice. Prejudice is shit. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees – fuck them. If you find yourself trapped in thoughts of prejudice, please do the world (and yourself) a favour and get rid of them as soon as possible. To boost your process, here’s […]

Most Often The Challenge Is All About Getting On The Stage

For most people, stage fright is more scarring than death. According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, 75% of people find stage fright as their number one fear. These are fascinating numbers. Totally understandable, but fascinating. It ponders me – the fact is that I love stages. I haven’t always loved stages though, as a child stages […]

Feeling At Peace In Your Home

All my previous posts have been on the subject of feeling at peace with yourself, and various topics on self-improvement. I’ve never really touched upon the subject of feeling at peace in your own home, the place where you go to sleep and wake up most days. Isn’t it quite important that you feel at […]

On The Illusion of Safety

Earlier this week I found myself in quite a paradoxal situation during Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sparring. Me being the attacker, I forced myself over my training partner in order to pass his defense, and the very moment I did he grabbed both of my collars and managed to stop me. He felt safe, I felt stuck. The attack was successfully […]